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Entdecke jetzt unsere große Opal Edelstein Kollektion bei Spiru & bestell einfach online. Viele Roh-, Trommel- & Jumbo-Steine und -Skulpturen können einfach online bestellt werde Black Opals, Boulders, Cat's Eye, Fire Opal, Opal Doublet in all possible shapes & colors. Items in stock and ready for delivery. Independent certification is available on request NSW Government - Opal. Opal Home. About Opal. Get an Opal card. Opal fares. Opal news. Customer care. FAQs. Opal fares With an Adult Opal card you can travel as much as you want on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services within the Opal network and you never pay more than $16.10 a day, $50 a week or $ 8.05 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please note that: The Opal week runs from Monday to Sunday Sonntags liegt dieser Deckel sogar bei nur 2,70 A$. Der Skytrain vom Flughafen ist beim Tagespreisdeckel allerdings ausgenommen. Wer innerhalb einer Woche 8 Fahrten mit seiner Opal-Karte bezahlt hat, für den sind alle weiteren Fahrten in der selben Woche um 50 % ermäßigt

The Opal card covers all of the above services which is how we wish all public transit systems worked as it makes getting around much simpler. The minimum balance you can put on the Opal card is $10 for an adult card and $5 for a child card Off-peak train fares and daily and weekly travel caps. Opal Travel app. Plan, top up or get notifications. Opal privacy policy. How we handle your information. Opal is the smartcard ticketing system used to pay for travel on public transport in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, the Hunter and the Illawarra Insgesamt gibt es über 2000 Verkaufsstellen in der Region Sydney. Die Opal Card kostet nichts, allerdings muss man direkt beim Kauf einen Mindest-Betrag von $10 aufladen. Erwachsenen (Adult) Karten gelten für alle ab 16 Jahren, Kinder 4-15 Jahre benötigen eine Child / Youth-Karte. Achtung - Flughafen-Gebühren in Sydney If you are visiting Sydney and the surrounding regions, an Opal card is the most convenient and affordable way to pay for your fares on public transport. Find out more about Opal for visitors

There are a number of ways to get an Opal card, depending on the card you need. Opal cards can be ordered online for delivery to an Australian address within 5 to 7 business days. Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards are also available over the counter from most retailers, including most convenience stores and newsagents. Concession Opal cards need to be ordered online so your concession eligibility can be confirmed The card is free when you load a minimum amount of onto it. The minimum cost is $10 for adult cards, $5 for child cards (other types such as seniors and students cards must be ordered). The only exception to this is if you buy your card at the airport train stations where the minimum top-up is $35 3,46 A$ für den Zug + 13,80 A$ Flughafen-Bahnsteiggebühr = 17,26 A$. Zum Vergleich: Ein Papierticket kostet 18 A$; ihr spart beim Zugfahren mit der Opal-Karte also auf jeden Fall Geld Fares and payments. In Sydney and surrounds, fares are calculated based on: the distance you travel from tap on to tap off. how you choose to pay. the mode of transport you choose. whether you're eligible for a concession fare or free travel. any Opal benefits such as discounts and capped fares that apply With contactless payments, you get the same fare and travel benefits of an Adult Opal card. $2 discount for every transfer between modes (train, ferry, bus or light rail) as part of one journey. The Opal Transfer Discount does not apply when transferring between light rail and Sydney Ferries, except at Circular Quay

Opal fares are based on the mode of transport and the distance travelled from where you tap on to where you tap off. Learn how Opal fares are calculated There is no charge for an Opal card, however a minimum top up value of $20 for an adult card, or $10 for a child or concession card, applies at retailers or when using top up machines. Top up amounts of $10 for adult and $5 for child or concession are available when topping up online Once you complete eight journeys between Monday and Sunday, your fares for the rest of the week are half price. You get $2 off ($1 for concession cards) when you transfer to a different mode of transport within an hour. Any trips on the same mode of transport, within an hour of each other, will count as one trip Just tap in to start your journey The cost of an adult fare from Sydney International Airport is $17.90 and child fare is $14.40 so when you purchase the Opal Card make sure you include a minimum top up amount to cover the airport fare. Children under 4 travel for free

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Sydney bus, train and light rail Opal fares will be 50 per cent off from today Cheaper fares apply to Opal card holders outside 6:30am-10am and 3pm-7pm Prior to the changes, peak-hour was. The minimum cost is $10 for adult cards, $5 for child cards (seniors and concession Opal cards must be ordered online). There is no fee for the card itself; all of the minimum $ top-up is available for travel on public transport. Subsequent top-ups can be made in $10 increments for adults and less for children/seniors

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  1. With your Opal card you can travel the entire Sydney Australia train, bus and ferry network every Sunday for AUD $2.50 per person
  2. Opal Cards Opal cards are free smartcard tickets you keep and reuse. Just add value to get started, then tap on and tap off to pay your fares on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Opal cards are available from ticket windows at the Domestic Airport and International Airport stations
  3. A lowdown on the price of train tickets for Airport Link, both return and single. AirportLink. Catch Sydney's Airport Train travelling between either Sydney Domestic Airport or Sydney International Airport Station and any of the City Stations, or Kings Cross is: Tap on with Contactless payment or OPAL card (cheapest option): Adult (off-peak) Child (off-peak) Gate Pass: $14.87. $13.18. Rail.
  4. In this video, I am sharing some information about how Sydney opal card (smartcard, pay as you go card) works. Hopefully it will be helpful especially to tho..
  5. Opal is Sydney's public transport smart card. Last updated September 2016. Where Opal can be used. Where do you get an Opal card? Note - all paper tickets will stop being sold from 1 August 2016 so you must use a Opal card to travel on all public transport - either the full Opal card or single use Opal tickets (which are 20% more expensive than the normal Opal fare). Opal cards are available.
  6. Opal Home; About Opal; Get an Opal card; Opal fares; Opal news; Customer care; FAQ

Mit der Opal Karte PLUS könnt ihr den kompletten Nahverkehr während eures Aufenthalts in Sydney - Busse, Bahnen und Fähren - ganz einfach & bequem nutzen - und sonntags für ca. EUR 1.50 soviel fahren wie ihr wollt Previously, the cost of travelling on all forms of transport - buses, trains, ferry and light rail - was capped at $2.80 on Sundays for adults, children and those with concession Opal cards. But from July 6, that limit is set to increase almost three-fold to $8.05 for adults and almost double to $4 for children and those with Opal concessions A little-known loophole in Sydney's Opal card is allowing travellers a nearly free ride to Sydney Airport's domestic and international stations - and it's costing the NSW Government an estimated $1.3 million in lost revenue. The trick lets users skip the $13.80 'access fee' levied at the privately-owned and operated Airport Link stations and pay barely $3.50 for their entire journey to the.

The government cites too much crowding on Sydney's ferries on Sundays as a reason to hike the fare cap. Credit: James Alcock Travel across the entire Opal network on Sundays is capped at $2.80. The New South Wales government is considering a proposal to increase public transport fares. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2noaGhv Get more breaking news at: htt.. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen Whether you're enjoying Sydney's beautiful sights or exploring the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands or Newcastle, you'll find it's easy to get around on trains, buses, ferries and light rail services. In fact, you can experience so much of Sydney and the surrounding regions on public transport. What's more, using an Opal card is the most convenient way to pay for your fares. Plan your trip.

The gold seniors Opal card gives Seniors Card holders unlimited travel for no more than $2.50 a day, when using public transport services across the following regions: Sydney (not including the Sydney airport station access fee) Blue Mountains Central Coast Hunter Illawarra Southern Highlands. This includes travel on: all Sydney Trains all NSW TrainLink Intercity services all buses in Sydney. Journey made during peak hours cost over $3+ (7am -9am, 4pm to 6.30pm), while non peak is around $2+. Cheapest way to Sydney central is to take bus 400 to Bondi Junctionfrom international airport ($2.50) and transfer to the metro from there ($2-$3). You can use your Opal card to travel from the city back to the airport Apply for a Gold Opal card as a DVA Gold Card holder. Order an additional Opal card. Activate and register. Activate your Opal card. Register your Opal card. Manage. Link an existing Opal card to your Opal account. Unlink an Opal card from your Opal account. Check the balance on your Opal card. Transfer the balance on your Opal card . Top up. Top up your Opal card online. Top up your Opal card.

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This also applies for a Gold Opal card holder - or someone 60 and older - who will be charged a default fare of $2.50, which is also the daily cap for a Gold Opal card. The bad news. Transport for NSW monitors whether passengers tap off so they can accurately apply benefits. There's a daily cap of $15.80 on Opal card payments, $63.20 a week and $2.70 on Sunday. That means that if you don. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - November 7, 2015: Passenger uses an OPAL card at a turnstile in the Sydney mass transit station at Circular Quay Station. OPAL cards are the universal mass.. Die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel Sydneys kann man mit einer Opal-Karte, einer kontaktlosen Zahlungskarte (z.B. Visakarte), einem kontaktlosen Gerät (z.B. Smartphone) oder einer Opal-Einzelfahrkarte nutzen. Die Opal-Einzelfahrkarte ist an einigen Fahrkartenautomaten oder bei manchen Busfahrern außerhalb der Innenstadt erhältlich. Diese Tickets sind jedoch meist teurer, da nur Kinder (4-15. Yes. The private operators of the stations at the airport charge an additional fee which is built into the amount the Opal card is debited. If there are a few of you travelling a taxi to the Sydney CBD is likely to be cheaper - around $40 from international terminal to the city (suggest you get driver to take you via O'Riordan St which is more direct than the eastern 'loop' many will take you on)

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  1. Opal is the smartcard ticketing system used to pay for travel on our Sydney and Central Coast services. Opal card and fares. Visit the Opal page on the Transport Info website for information on: Getting an Opal card; Opal card types; Opal card fares; Managing your Opal card; Opal customer support; Opal fares will change from Monday 6 July 2020.
  2. *If you are travelling on a Concession Opal card or a Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card and are entitled to concession fares, you must have sufficient value on your card and carry your proof of entitlement. Otherwise you must travel with and pay for an Adult Opal fare. If you do not, you may be fined
  3. Gym Membership, Tennis and Cinema in Sydney: Median Cost: Range: Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult: A$74.25: A$48.00 - A$116.67: Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) A$23.76: A$15.00 - A$30.00: Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat: A$20.00: A$16.00 - A$23.00: Train Fares in Sydney (Distance) Adult Opal Card Fare: Child/Youth Opal Card.
  4. Recycling at Opal's Botany Mill. Recycling at Opal's Botany Mill. The state of the art B9 Paper Machine at Botany Mill, Sydney converts more than 450,000 tonnes of used cardboard into 100% recycled brown packaging paper each year. The majority of this paper is then converted by Opal Fibre Packaging in Australia and Opal Kiwi Packaging in.
  5. More than 37,000 Opal cards have been issued so far and have already reached 1.6 million trips on trains, ferries and buses. The Opal bus customer trial started on the 594/594H route from Turramurra to the city in September, allowing a steady start to the rollout on buses. Opal bus fares are calculated by GPS based on the straight line from origin to destination, which means some trips will be.
  6. Sydney's beaut localities are all yours for just $2.80 on your Opal Card. These seven top-notch destinations are easy like Sunday mornin' to get to and are sure to provide a glorious day of activities: think coastal strolls, refreshing swims, bush adventures and some all-star pics for the Instagram profile. Shout-outs to the Sunday Opal card capped fare rate. For only $2.80 you'll get.
  7. You can even catch the train to and from Sydney Airport and the airport station premium surcharge will be charged to your Opal card. With an Opal card you can enjoy travel all day for no more than $16.10 per day for Adults or $2.80 on Sundays, and your weekly total cost is capped at $50.00 (all caps exclude the Sydney Airport surcharge)

Sydney commuters will now be able to use their credit cards or smartphones to pay for bus rides — and get the same benefits available to Opal card users New South Wales transport minister Andrew Constance announced on Sunday that contactless payments will be rolled out across buses in Sydney from August Australian Black Opal from Lightning Ridge is held in high esteem and serve as the yardstick by which all other opals are measured. Black Opal prices vary from roughly $30 per half carat, up to $1,500 per carat. This is only the .5-1 carat range. High quality Black Opals weighing 5-10 carats can cost up to $50,000. Australian Fire Opal Prices finance; work; Opal card fares to rise from 3 July. TRAIN, tram, bus and ferry fares will go up across the board as the NSW Government's commitment to freeze fares comes to an end Some of the other great benefits of travelling with an Opal card are: One card for all transport. Opal is now activated on all Sydney Trains, Intercity train services, Sydney Ferries and some bus routes. Opal is available on Blue Mountains Bus Company buses from 4 August 2014; Daily Travel Cap . Travel all day for no more than $15 per day for adults and $7.50 for Child/Youth from Monday to. Sydney commuters to be slapped with Opal Card increase of 2.2%. By 9NEWS. 4:33pm Jun 13, 2018. Tweet; Facebook ; Mail; Commuters are set to pay more to travel on NSW's public transport network.

Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica (SiO 2 ·nH 2 O); its water content may range from 3 to 21% by weight, but is usually between 6 and 10%. Because of its amorphous character, it is classed as a mineraloid, unlike crystalline forms of silica, which are classed as minerals.It is deposited at a relatively low temperature and may occur in the fissures of almost any kind of rock, being. Without an Opal card, you will spend $18.70 each way on the train and $9.20 each way on the ferry a total of $52.80. These costs are for Adults. Kids are approx 50% less. If you travel on a Sunday there is a daily opal cap of $2.70 so you only would pay $2.70 plus the return gate fee. You need an Opal card to access this special price. The card.

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  1. Opal card rorters taking Sydney for a free ride Commuters are helping themselves to free travel on Sydney's public transport thanks to a loophole in the Opal system. Sydney 8:45pm Apr 30, 201
  2. I purchased an Opal Smart Card for NSW public transport at a newsagent for $10 and was told it had $10 credit on it, but it does not. I registered the card online (this is optional you can have an anonymous one). This was reasonably simple to do and the system sent me a conformation SMS, which is useful
  3. WESTERN Sydney commuters will be hit hardest by proposed changes to the Opal card ticketing system, paying up to $1000 a year more to use their cards to travel to and from work
  4. The Concession Opal card allows eligible students to access fares at half the price of the Adult Opal card for travel on transport services including: All Sydney Trains; All NSW TrainLink Intercity services; Light rail; All buses in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra; All Sydney Ferries and the Stockton Ferry in Newcastle ; Please note: You must carry your UNSW.
  5. Adult Opal cards are available: Online at the Opal website (opens in a new window) Over the phone on 13 67 25 (13 OPAL) At an Opal retailed (a list of retailers is available on the Opal retailers website (opens in a new window) At a Service NSW centre; For more information see the Western Sydney Opal web page (opens in a new window)
  6. Opal card system angers Sydney commuters with price rises . IRATE commuters are bombarding the State Government with complaints about its Opal card system after being hit with sneaky prices rises.
  7. Your Opal card must have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of the fare when using OpalPay. If you have set auto top up on your Opal card, this will be activated at the payment device if the amount on the card plus the auto top up value is enough to cover the transaction

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Damit ihr auf Sydney so gut wie möglich vorbereitet seid, informieren wir euch nicht nur über die Highlights und Geheimtipps, sondern auch über all das was ihr wissen müsst, um euch in Sydney so schnell wie möglich zurechtzufinden.Dabei geht es vor allem um den Transport innerhalb der Stadt, die wichtigsten Knotenpunkte und wie ihr es schafft, nicht jeden Tag $50 für ein Taxi auszugeben Welcome to Opal Health care, where ageing is living. We encourage our residents to live a life of meaning and purpose - that's why understanding the big and the little details about how you like to live each day is important to us - so that we can help you feel at home, have the right support and live your best life in our care. Toggle Navigation. Admissions Enquiry 1300 362 481 Why. Opal Travel is the official app for managing your travel across the Opal network in Sydney and greater New South Wales. Use the app to add value to your Opal card remotely, enable auto top-ups, view your travel history and access other useful public transport information, all on your Android device. Features include: • Top up on the go • Trip planner with fare estimates • View.

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Opal, the Opal logo, TravelTen, MyMulti and other trademarks referred to within this site are the property of Transport for NSW. All fare comparisons are indicative. Opal or Not does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for their accuracy, and consequently assumes no liability whatsoever for results obtained or loss or damage incurred as a result of application of the data Can be used at: Woolworths (can top up your Opal card, for any Sydney people) Most Caltex/Woolworths (i.e. petrol) - must be Woolworths branded! Dan Murphy's BWS Thomas Dux Cellarmasters $100 denominations or bigger. Bank Transfer only. Will send the egiftcard to your email as soon as the payment clears. Price is non-negotiable. Other gift cards are also available at discounted rates, pm for.

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The Opal project will cost more than $1 billion and take three years to roll out due to its complexity. London's Oyster card, to which Sydney's Opal is often compared, defines and caps. Buying a Mytrain ticket from Liverpool or Berowra station after 9am weekdays at the machine will cost an adult $9.20; under the Opal card system, the same trip will cost $10.71. This is because the same adult will be charged the off-peak fare to travel in for $4.41. However, if the return trip is taken during the peak period between 4 and 6.30pm the peak-return price of $6.30 will apply. That. Gold Opal customers can use cash to top up their card with as little as $2.50, Ms Berejiklian said. The Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card is available for NSW Seniors, Pensioner Concession card holders and NSW War Widows. Customers only need to get the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card once, and the card itself will cost nothing Sydney man Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow is fined $220 and ordered to pay court costs after surgically implanting an Opal Card chip into his hand so he could swipe on and off card-free ORANGE seniors need to plan ahead and order an Opal card if travelling to Sydney via public transport or risk paying a higher fare because, according to residents, the government believes.

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Thousands of Sydney commuters will be able to ditch their physical Opal smartcards for a digital alternative before the end of the year after Mastercard was selected to deliver a trial of the. Opal cards led a tap-and-ride transport revolution... but now, more than $65 million is sitting idle on lost or dormant Opal cards. #9News. Jump to. Sections of this page . Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of 9 News Sydney on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of 9 News Sydney on Facebook.

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A Concession Opal card entitles you to half-price fares for travel on NSW public transport, including buses, trains, ferries and light rail. Most full-time students are eligible for a Concession Opal card but some restrictions apply. Find out where you can travel using a Concession Opal card, whether you're eligible for one, and how to apply. Your Student ID card proves your entitlement to. Adult Opal card - minimum $20 via credit or debit card. Child/Youth Opal card - minimum $10 via credit or debit card. Gold Opal card - a minimum $2.50 via credit or debit card; or customers can choose to place no value on the card until later. Cash is not accepted at the kiosks, and existing customers can't top up cards. To apply for a. During the Sydney trip I tried out Opal card, and M got one as well to try. It's worth remembering that although the system is provided by Cubic, who built London's Oyster system, its cost is not insubstantial — $1.2 billion over 15 years. It's not quite as expensive, but is in the ballpark as Myki ($1.5 billion over ten years). Obtaining and topping up. I ordered mine online; it. Average price in Sydney: AU$211. Find out the current prices for a whole list of other products in Sydney (Australia)

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The Sydney Royal Easter Show recognises the following cards as evidence for the purchase of this type of PWD ticket: Vision Impaired Persons Pass (VIP) with reference to the words 'Plus Attendant' Companion Card which is issued by your state government. These cards entitle a carer to enter the Show for free with a person with a disability. The. The price shown is charged to your credit card as a one-off cost when you order the product. Show me all products in the category 'Public Transport in Sydney' What is the Opal Card for Children/Youth. The Opal card for children/youth is for children aged 4 to 15 years inclusively - it is an easy, convenient way of paying for your travel on public transport. It's the only card you'll need. The School Opal card gives eligible students free or discounted travel between home and school using metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services you nominate in your application. Who can apply? To be eligible for a School Opal card, students may need to live a minimum distance from their school: Years K-2 (Infants) There is no minimum distance. Years 3-6 (Primary) More than 1.6km straight. After eight journeys using Sydney's Opal card, you can travel for free. So what's a good way to get up to eight journeys in the first couple of days of the week? Go to work as usual on Monday morning. If you live by a train line, get to work early and tap on before the peak period starts at 7am. This will ensure you get charged the cheaper off-peak fare. If you are lucky enough to work in an.

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When using an Opal card, you need to tap on and tap off at the start and end of each trip and the fare is calculated automatically. When using an Opal Card, if you complete eight paid journeys (from Monday to Sunday), your fares for the rest of the week will be half-price. Travel rewards also apply, with a daily cap on adult fares of $15.40 per day or $61.60 per week. Travel rewards do not. A credit card will also qualify for the same fare and travel benefits of an adult Opal card on trains, light rail, ferries and buses once the system is implemented in full. From Monday, off-peak pricing, a transfer discount and the weekly travel reward - half price fares after clocking eight journeys in a week - will be available on all contactless transport payments Most Sydney commuters now use an Opal card and soon won't have a choice - all paper tickets except singles and returns are withdrawn from 1 January 2016. Most commuters now know about the free travel hack - and this loophole is likely to be closed in July 2016. I'm keeping it here for historical value, but merged the original four posts into one so it doesn't clutter up my blog so much.

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Opal Card . In 2014 Sydney implemented a new stored-value card, like London's Oyster Card or the Hong Kong Octopus card. This is called the Opal Card. The Opal card is a touch-and-go contactless card that you pre-load with value. The major advantage of the Opal card is that one ticket will work on all modes of transport and that your fares are. Opal Card - Ticketsystem im Nahverkehr in Sydney Opal Card: Informationen in deutsch Opal Card: Verkaufsstellen Die Haltestellen am Flughafen gehören einer Privatfirma. Hier werden Bahnsteiggebühren fällig. (Opal Card: 11,60 AUD, Normalpreis 13 AUD - Stand 2015). Ein Tagesticket (My Multi Day - 24 AUD - Stand Nov. 2015) ermöglicht unbegrenzt häufige Fahrten mit Bussen, Fähren und dem. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about My Opal - Opal Card App. Download My Opal - Opal Card App and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Use My Opal to track your balance across multiple Opal cards and see your recent journey history across Sydney trains, ferries, buses and light rail There's a convenient railway link from the airport to Central, the train station at the south end of Sydney's business district, that takes about half the time of a taxi and is also a fraction of the price. The trains run every 10 minutes from the northern end of the terminal and you can obtain an Opal Card at the station or at Relay and WH Smith stores in the airport (you may also tap your. OPAL is the new and more convenient way to travel on public transport services in Sydney and surrounding regions. Port Stephens Coaches is an OPAL Card reseller. Adult and Child OPAL Cards can be purchased from our Anna Bay office. Pensioner/Senior (GOLD) Cards have to be applied for directly with OPAL. More information regarding the GOLD OPAL.

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Opals Australia is the name associated with quality opal jewellery for over 80 years. We have long been the leader in opals as well as the promotion of opal jewellery worldwide. World renowned for our excellent workmanship and use of quality opal without compromise, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers to promote this fantastic gemstone across the world SYDNEY — An electronic transport ticket called the Opal card is being rolled out across Sydney right now — and the public can't stop laughing.. This isn't the first time a state government has. At Opal, we value your thoughts and the opportunity to work with you to resolve any issues you may have. That's why you'll find it easy to raise a complaint, make a suggestion, share a compliment or just have your say. Here are some simple avenues to provide your feedbacks: Speak to a team member in your home. This is often the fastest and easiest way to communicate your feedback and to. Whether you're going to the airport, the beach or the park, your Opal card and Sydney's award-winning transit system can get you there. One caveat: Many of the trains stop running at midnight, so plan accordingly. Board a bus bound for beautiful Bondi Beach. Image by master2/Getty Images. One of the best — and least-expensive — ways to appreciate Sydney is by ferry. My pick: Take the. Sydney's Opal Card Explained for Tourists According to the Opal website, as of Jan 1, 2016, the MyMulti and many other types of multi-day passes are no longer being sold. Visitors should purchase an Opal card, see the link above for details. City Sightseeing Sydney and Bondi Explorer (Sydney's Tourist Bus Service

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From August, Sydney commuters using their credit card or mobile to 'tap on and off' at Opal terminals will receive the same travel benefits as an adult Opal card. The Opal card discount will. On Campus, opal cards can be purchased from the Uni Shop next to the National Australia Bank. How to order a concessional card. Log into SOLS; Select 'Transport Concession' from the left hand menu; Read the information, tick the checkbox to provide your consent for UOW to confirm your eligibility with Transport for NSW; and ; Wait 48 hours - then go to the Opal card website to order your card. Ferry - Ferries run around Sydney Harbour from Circular Quay to a handful of destinations, including Manly, the Olympic Park, and Taronga Zoo. You can use your Opal card for ferry services (just the public ones), and fares start at 7.40 AUD ($5.25 USD) or 6.01 AUD ($4.28 USD) with the Opal card. Otherwise, you can purchase tickets from the wharf

Opal card fares and prices to move in line with inflationPeople avoid paying full price for train and bus fares as
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